Xalex Multi Drug Testing Kit for 10 Drugs
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Xalex Multi Drug Testing Kit for 10 Drugs

Xalex Multi Drug Testing Kit for 10 Drugs

Model : ID:974


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Description :

  In this all inclusive urine drug test kit we screen for ten of the most common illegal substances found being used today.

  • COC/Cocaine
  • AMP/Amphetamines
  • MAMP/Methamphetamine
  • THC/Marijuana
  • MOP/Opiates
  • BZO/ Benzodiazepine
  • MTD/Methadone
  • PCP/Angel Dust
  • BAR/Barbiturate
  • TCA/Tricyclic
  • Antidepressants
  We have the availability to customize the combination of illegal drugs by special request with a lead time of 5-7 weeks with a minimum quantity of 1000 pieces

  • 10 Panel Xalex Multi drug screen urine testing kit is one of the most cost effective tests available in the market place
  • Multi drug screen 10 Panel Xalex urine test kit detects the six most prominent of illegal drugs being consumed
  • With the Xalex drug testing family of test kits you are assured of testing individuals with the highest in quality and accuracy.
  • Our tests kits are very simple to administer and this makes both the small and large employers require it as part of their NO DRUGS IN THE WORKPLACE policy
  • You can save even more when you purchase in quantity. Our test kits have a long shelf life and only need simple storage requirements
  • You can rely on the accuracy of the drug test kit when it has the 510K FDA approval


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