Alcohol Saliva Test - DOT Approved
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Alcohol Saliva Test - DOT Approved

Alcohol Saliva Test - DOT Approved

Model : AL-STD ID:964


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Description :

  The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has determined that individuals with a commercial drivers license and those in safety sensitive occupations must not exceed the "zero tolerance" level (alcohol concentrations above 0.02%).

  Beginning in 1996, all transportation and safety sensitive employers will be required to comply with the DOT's alcohol testing regulations.

  Our Alcohol Saliva test is the simplest, most cost effective method of monitoring for alcohol consumption in your ZERO TOLERANCE testing program.

 This Alcohol Saliva test is so effective that it has been tested and approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for required testing of all transportation and safety sensitive employees for blood alcohol concentrations above the federally mandated zero tolerance level of 0.02%.

  As the concentration of alcohol in saliva is very close to that in the blood, for that reason Alcohol Saliva test is more accurate than the other types of tests.
It identifies the alcohol levels greater than 0.02% and works in a clean, non-invasive manner and provides results in 4 minutes.

  Alcohol Saliva test can be used at any time, anywhere in their individual and disposable package. Simply wet the test pad with your saliva, and get results in 4 minutes.
No need for laboratory analysis.

  Each test kit is packaged individually in a sterile pouch bag.

  This test is for forensic use only !

  The designation of "for forensic use only" means that the substance abuse test is not FDA 510k Cleared.
These types of tests are successfully used by law enforcement, correction and probation departments.

  Be sure to be legal and if you need to have FDA 510K cleared status, buy the following:

  • Alcohol Breathalyzer AlcoMate CA2000
  • All urine drug testing kits (except QTEST-12 urine drugs screen cup)
  • AlcoHawk Breathalyzer

  Note: FDA 510k Clearance by itself does not make legal substance abuse testing procedure.
Anyway, in case you get a positive test result with any instant drug testing devices, you need to confirm it with accredited. Additionally, make sure that you fill-out properly the Chain of Custody Form.



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